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Flexible, interactive charts for the web.

Built on top of D3, Plottable gives you a set of flexible, premade components that you can combine and rearrange to build charts.

Built on top of D3

The power and flexibility of D3, but easier

Because Plottable handles layout, sizing, and positioning, Plottable charts are easier to create and more reusable than charts built only with D3. And, since Plottable Components are powered by D3, the flexibility of D3 is still available. All Plottable components are usable on their own, so you can take small pieces to add to existing charts, or create charts entirely with Plottable.

Plottable currently includes components like Line Plots, Area Plots, Clustered/Stacked Bar Plots, Category Axes (with automatic word-wrapping), interactive Legends, and Labels. If you don't find the component you need, you can write it as a plugin using D3 - then please contribute it back!