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  • deprecated(callingMethod: string, version: string, message?: string): void
  • Sends a deprecation warning to the console. The warning includes the name of the deprecated method, version number of the deprecation, and an optional message.

    To be used in the first line of a deprecated method.


    • callingMethod: string

      The name of the method being deprecated

    • version: string

      The version when the tagged method became obsolete

    • Optional message: string

      Optional message to be shown with the warning

    Returns void


  • setTimeout(f: Function, time: number, ...args: any[]): number
  • Is like setTimeout, but activates synchronously if time=0 We special case 0 because of an observed issue where calling setTimeout causes visible flickering. We believe this is because when requestAnimationFrame calls into the paint function, as soon as that function finishes evaluating, the results are painted to the screen. As a result, if we want something to occur immediately but call setTimeout with time=0, then it is pushed to the call stack and rendered in the next frame, so the component that was rendered via setTimeout appears out-of-sync with the rest of the plot.


    • f: Function
    • time: number
    • Rest ...args: any[]

    Returns number


  • warn(warning: string): void
  • Print a warning message to the console, if it is available.


    • warning: string

    Returns void

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